Vermont Land Link


Wouldn’t it be neat if there were a centralized online location where people could look for farms to buy or rent in Vermont?

As it turns out, there is! Welcome to Vermont Land Link!

Vermont Land Link is a platform that connects farmers with property owners looking to sell or rent their land. With 771 farm seekers and 63 property listings, the website stays active and current at a time when more and more farmland is in transition in Vermont.

“Almost everyone who’s seeking land in Vermont is using Vermont Land Link,” Maggie Donin, Intervale Center Farm Business Specialist explains.

Vermont Land Link (VLL) provides a place for farmers to sell their businesses as well as properties. Rather than go through a real estate agent, which can be expensive, or have to manage a page on their website, farmers can use VLL for free as a centralized place for important information about their land to live that otherwise wouldn’t exist. At the same time, it’s easy for farm seekers to use one website to see the many farms available for rent or purchase around the state. VLL property listings include basic information like the acreage, listing price and seller contact information but also more detailed information about farm infrastructure, potential tenure agreements, and the farm’s current use and history.

VLL is administered by the Intervale Center as part of the Vermont Farm to Plate Farmland Access Task Force. With other programs aimed at supporting farm businesses with technical assistance, it’s a natural fit for the Intervale Center. VLL is also a great place for farm seekers to become familiar with the many resources available in Vermont, from technical assistance to lending options to programs like Vermont Land Trust’s Farmland Access Program or the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program.

“It’s a really good way for us to connect farmers with other services in Vermont. Plus, we can help facilitate between seekers and farmers to help make more connections,” Maggie said.

There’s a whole national network of similar farm link websites, including California FarmLink, Connecticut FarmLink, Maine FarmLink and more.

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Abby Portman