Vermont Gas Volunteer Day!

Vermont Gas joined forces with the Intervale Center last week to plant 200 trees along the Allen Brook in Williston. More than 20 Vermont Gas employees came out to plant trees and shrubs like black cherry and shrub willow that will restore streambanks, provide important habitat andplay an important role in the rehabilitation of the Allen Brook.

The Allen Brook is on the Vermont 303(d) List of Impaired Waters for both E. coli and storm water. Much of the Allen Brook is surrounded by development, a significant source of nonpoint source pollution. In past seasons, the Intervale Conservation Nursery and partners have planted trees on over 14 acres along the Allen Brook. Last week’s tree planting was a continuation of important work done for many years to restore the Allen Brook. Planting trees and stewarding successful buffer projects on the Allen Brook are key steps toward its eventual removal from the List of Impaired Waters.

We’re grateful to have partners like Vermont Gas who acknowledge the importance of planting trees to restore watersheds, improve water quality and help mitigate climate change.

Abby Portman