The Green Life

We recently interviewed Mike Hassenberg, owner of The Green Life and Natural Mattress Company,  and our newestbusiness partner. We are inspired by his recent decision to join 1% for the Planet and support local environmental non-profits, and think you will be, too!

What prompted you to join 1% for the Planet?

I have owned The Green Life now since 2009. We had always done our share of supporting non-profits but it was never that organized. I had heard of 1% for the Planet and knew they were a local organization. I liked their mission of connecting a global network of businesses with non-profits involved in helping the environment. Supporting these types of organizations were a good fit with the mission of our store and something I believed in. 

To be honest, the change in national politics inspired me to do more. I became worried that our natural would need even more help to be protected.  Federal funding might not be available in the future. Staff used to protect the public from environmental dangers could be eliminated. Somehow I thought even with climate deniers in public office this could actually be an opportunity. Through activism our voices would be heard and through donations money could become available.  Our planet Earth needs us now before it’s to late. 

Why did you decide to support the Intervale Center?

How could my two small retail stores try to make a difference? To me, I had to focus on local causes. 1% for the Planet could help me achieve that and I could use their strong brand recognition that my customers would recognize. Supporting the Intervale Center was an easy choice because of my belief in local food, sustainable farming, land conservation, and accessibility to the land being conserved by the public. The Intervale Center touches on many of my interests and values. I enjoy eating food grown locally whether I'm at home after purchasing from the local co-op, farmers market,  or enjoying dining out at a local farm to table restaurant. I like knowing where my food came from and that I'm supporting farmers located nearby my home. I was also interested to learn about the Intervale Conservation Nursery.The Green Life is very excited to be underwriting their spring campaign to plant trees called “Plant Hope!” Protecting Vermont waterways has always been very important to me. Within the last few years, my oldest daughter Juliet has taken an interest as well. She has entered the Vermont State Science fair with projects focusing on improving water quality in lakes and streams. Lastly, I enjoy walking through the Intervale with family and friends during all times of the year. It is one of the areas of Burlington that makes our city so special. 

What other non-profits did you choose to support, and why?

Some of the other non-profits I've chosen to support through The Green Life and Natural Mattress Company are: 

Local Motion, because of my love of the bike path. I try to get on my bike and ride down by the lake whenever possible. I am thrilled about all the new improvements! Having a bike friendly city is important to me as a resident of Burlington. - I am happy to support their local activism in protecting our environment here in Vermont and beyond. They do an excellent working in bringing out awareness of climate change and what we can do to make sure our voices are heard. 

Lake Champlain Land Trust - As I mentioned earlier, I'm interested in land conservation, especially in and around the lake to help protect the crown jewel in our region. 

Many thanks to Mike and The Green Life for their support of the Intervale Center and these other awesome non-profits through 1% for the Planet. We are so grateful to have such committed business owners in our community who care about land conservation, water quality, sustainable agriculture and planet Earth. 

Abby Portman