Swale at Summervale!


By: McKenna Murray, Summervale Music Intern

For our first week of Summervale 2017 we have Burlington’s own, Swale, taking the stage. Started in 2002, Swale boasts two full-length albums and a handful of singles that showcase their uniquely crafted blend of indie rock, soul and other flares. Swale’s lineup features Jeremy Frederick on drums, Tyler Bolles on bass, and of course husband and wife duo Amanda Gustafson, on keys, and Eric Olson, on guitar. Their music shares genuine experience that transcends any genre boundaries and draws on many different styles. In Seven Days’ review of their 2014 album, The Next Instead, they write that it “captures everything Swale is so good at — namely full-out rockers blending easily with thoughtful, meaty ballads — and felt like a victory march. The band overcame the burdens of drugs and artistic uncertainty to demonstrate emphatically that the creative drive cannot be easily quelled.”      

Swale’s latest single, “Release Your Records,” was hailed on Country Track’s “The Best Vermont Music of 2017.” The single features witty lyricism, lively organ, breezy vocal harmonies and inviting guitar melodies. The single previews their highly anticipated album, There’s No One Here, which will be released Friday, July 7.

Swale’s show will be sure to impress at this week’s Summervale; you don’t want to miss it. See you there!

Abby Portman