Summervale Welcomes Somerville Symphony Orkestar & Vermont Suzuki Violins!


By: Kally Sample, Music Intern

Summervale is back on!  After the chance of thunder and lightning last week, we are ready to kick off the season, for real this time.  Slow Food Vermont is presenting a tasting (herbs!) and City Market is going to show us how to make bird feeders from scratch.  It’s not to be missed.

For our musical artist, we are so thrilled to welcome Somerville Symphony Orkestar and Vermont Suzuki Violins.  They bring a unique sound and style to Summervale.  In the words of Joel Edinberg, member of Somerville Symphony Orkestar, “it’s a relatively new style of music.  Because it’s not fully in the mainstream yet, we get to define it”.  

SSO started after Edinberg listened to a CD mix that included the band Gogol Bordello on it.  Further inspiration was drawn when friends introduced him to Balkan Beat Box and Yuri Yunakov.  From there, Joel Edinberg decided that that was the style of music he had to play.  The band was initiated when Edinberg first enlisted his roommates as the band’s first bassist and guitarist. Edinberg also says that “this [band] just wouldn’t work as a solo saxophone act.  Ultimately we work and feed off each other, as well as the crowd.  We’re communicating on stage and all creating a sound and vibe greater than the sum of the parts.  It’s just so cool to play a few notes and to see how much energy the rest of the band bring to what you play”. 

Come join us this Thursday for good food, good people, and the band described as “international party music.  It’s fun, it’s energetic, and it’ll get you dancing”.  

Abby Portman