Steady Betty at Summervale!


By: McKenna Murray, Summervale Music Intern

The summer might be winding down, but Summervale is still in full swing! Join us this week for a chance to see Steady Betty rock the Intervale. Steady Betty, a seven-piece all-female rocksteady band formed in 2012, is one of Burlington’s favorite local acts. Rocksteady is a “danceable, soulful successor to ska, and the roots of the reggae genre.” It brings elements of R&B, Jazz, Bebop, and Afro-Caribbean drumming to create an art reminiscent of the late 1960’s sounds of Jamaica. Featuring Miriam Bernardo and Kat Wright on vocals, Linda Bassick on guitar and vocals, Caroline O’Connor on bass and vocals, Allison Frazier on baritone sax, Margot Van Horne on trumpet, Zoe Harris on alto sax, and Rachel Capobianco on drums, Steady Betty is comprised of tremendous talent and will be sure to impress. Come out to this week’s Summervale to hear the infectious rhythm, powerful vocals, and energizing horns of Steady Betty that will be sure to get you moving!

Abby Portman