Plant a Tree, Protect Vermont’s Waters!


Plant a Tree, Protect Vermont’s Waters with the Intervale Conservation Nursery! This spring, we need your help! We’re planting 20,000 native trees to protect Vermont’s water quality, mitigate climate change, and restore our native landscape!


The Intervale Conservation Nursery invites you to partner with us to plant 20,000 trees to restore rivers and streams across Vermont. When you donate $35 or more this month, we’ll plant a tree in your name – and we’ll send you a postcard telling you what watershed your tree was planted in!  Native, water-tolerant trees will help protect water quality by filtering out pollutants that would otherwise end up in Lake Champlain and preventing stream bank erosion.  Trees also sequester carbon, mitigating climate change, and provide important wildlife habitat.


This year, the Intervale Conservation Nursery will plant 20,000 trees in 10 locations across Vermont, in towns like Maidstone, Randolph, Williston, Swanton, and Woodstock. We’ll also be restoring a 3-acre riparian buffer right here in the Intervale, planting trees along Intervale farm fields to protect Lake Champlain.

What Else is the Nursery Up To?

We’re removing two tons of plastic from Addison County. This year, we received a grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program to remove 24,000 tree tubes – or plastic tree protectors – from the Addison County landscape.

We’re growing! Thanks to your past support, this year we are growing our Intervale production field by two acres. This will help us meet the statewide demand for more native trees, increase our cutting stock area, and provide a greater diversity of species and a higher quality of material to our customers. With help from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, we’re also investing in an overhead irrigation system that’s more efficient and helps keep plastic out of the waste stream. Finally, we were able to hire a field technician to increase the efficiency of our operations and provide support to our Nursery managers.

We’re building an outdoor classroom. This spring and early summer, Intervale Conservation Nursery staff, interns, and volunteers will convert a 1-acre portion of the riparian buffer at our home base in the Intervale into an outdoor classroom. You’ll be able to take a self-guided tour of a healthy riparian buffer zone, complete with tree plaques and great signage that explains how our river ecosystem works. In June, we’ll also be partnering with Vermont Works for Womento provide professional development opportunities for women in transition from correctional facilities. They’ll be helping us clear trails, install signage, as well as learning about landscape design and conservation work.

All of that and we are planting 20,000 native trees!

We couldn’t do it without your generous financial support. Can we count on your donation to the Intervale Center today?


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