Magical Stories of the Intervale


Did you make it to our “Stories of the Intervale” event this spring? If not, check out this recording of the event! We were inspired by the amazing storytellers and their varied, deep connection to place through nature, farming, beekeeping, and gardening. It was a truly magical event

Here's a snippet from one of the stories, told by Seth Gillim: "I understood then that it was only though the collective visioning of this community of what this place could be, and decades of slow, steady effort that it had been fixed, that Burlington had engaged in the process of what the permaculturists call earth repair, which goes beyond merely fixing something that’s broken so we can use it anew, to fundamentally revitalizing a place so that it becomes restorative in and of itself: what we choose to fix in turn fixes us. And so to the Intervale, I say Happy Birthday. And thank you. Thank you for being a place where people who are lost, or broken, or in need of the tiniest sensation of joy, can find their way home."

Listen to the full story hour here!

Abby Portman