Joe Adler and the Veils of Summer at Summervale!


By Zaidee Laughlin, Music Intern

We’ve made it to our last Summervale! Kids are gearing up to go back to school, some bold leaves are beginning to show their colors, and dusk is coming sooner. And while the change in seasons doesn’t mean that your interaction with the IC has to end (get in touch with Carolyn in the office to learn about gleaning and other volunteer opportunities!), it does mean that our summer celebration of food and music is saying goodbye. But not without some flare.

For our final band, it was only fitting that Joe Adler take the stage with his Veils of Summer! All spring and summer Joe has worked, on booking first and then sound, to bring us the great music we’ve been hearing all season. Joe has been a staple of the Burlington music scene for ten years, during which time he’s managed music venues, worked with record labels, and managed bands-- all while working on his own music and juggling multiple group projects. His love for music is simple; in a VPR interview last year he described “I've always really just had a love for, and appreciation for, great music and just a desire to want to share it with people.” And share he has! We have been so lucky to have him work with us to bring local and regional talent to Summervale, and we can’t wait to see him center stage! Here's an interview with Joe:

You're a well-known name in the local music scene and you've put together many different musical projects over the years. What's something that's unique to the Veils of Summer? What's a defining quality?

I love our local music scene. It is so very rich with talent. So many creative people make it what it is. Eternally grateful to have moved to Vermont 15 years ago, and to be able to be a part of his community. I have always loved putting together new musical projects with folks whom I admire listening to, and this new project, the Veils Of Summer, is just that. Rehearsals have been a lot of fun, cannot wait to debut the band this Thursday at Summervale. The band includes locals Zach Nugent, Ed Grasmeyer and Caleb Bronz.

How does doing the booking and sound for the other Summervale bands affect your own expectations or hopes for your own performance?

It doesn't really. I wear many different hats. I guess the different roles inform each other, but I don’t go into any performance with expectations other than to do the best I can and to just let the music play the band, not the other way around.

How have you seen the Summervale music change in the time you've been working with the IC?

I cherish Summervale and every year I try to give a new perspective on our local and regional acts. I don't book repeats back to back years, and try to draw on newer bands. I put a lot of thought into who plays Summervale and how the lineup for any given year compliments what Summervale is. The best part of Summervale, really, is all of the young ones who are there dancing and head bobbing to the music. For me, music is like food, so seeing the next generation’s lights being turned on by hearing something that connects with them is gold. Stay gold!

Joe Adler and the Veils of Summer is comprised of Joe on guitar and vocals, Josh Dobbs on keys, Caleb Bronz on drums, and Ed Grasmeyer on bass. Come out this Thursday night for an outstanding final Summervale performance!

Abby Portman