Don’t Miss Joe Adler & the Rangers of Danger!  


By: Kally Sample, Music Intern

We’re celebrating our fifth Summervale by hosting our very own Joe Adler & his Rangers of Danger!  Joe Adler the man we have to thank for booking and bringing in Summervale’s amazing and diverse line-up.  He considers himself “a cog in the gearshift” of Burlington’s music scene.  “[I’m] always trying to do my part.  I love our beautiful music scene here in Vermont, it has brought me a lot of joy”. 


Adler has always been connected to music. “I was listening to my dad’s dixieland band before coming out of the womb.  Music is in my blood and soul.  It is humanity’s most universal language.  Chasing the music, and the muse, brought me to Burlington about 16 years ago”.  For him, “there is no average day, every day is magic.  I am grateful to be alive.  I try to be as involved as I can in furthering peace and harmony in the world at every turn”.  Adler is inspired by “every person I have met, every place I have been to. Whether inspired creatively, or inspired to act on something, I cherish every moment on this magical planet”.  We should all be like Joe! 


Joe Adler is joined by the Rangers of Danger.  The best part of creatively collaborating with others is “everything”, Adler says, “creating art with someone is an intimate, personal experience.  I love this incarnation of the Rangers of Danger that will be with me at Summervale.  We had a great gig at Waking Windows this spring and are ready to rock the ‘Vale!”


On top of another great night of live music, Slow Food Vermont is bringing us another delicious tasting! This week try some fermented foods.  City Market’s make it from scratch activity is bug spray, and our featured sponsors are Patagonia Burlington and Lake Champlain Chocolates.  It’s not to be missed!   

Abby Portman