Donor Profile: Amanda and Craig

Amanda and Craig found their way to the Intervale Center(IC) the way many people do – seeking freshly grown produce and searching for beautiful open space to walk.  They found that and much more, and began donating to support the organization.  More than 13 years later, they are still giving to the IC! Amanda is a watercolor artist whose work has been exhibited at a number of shows and galleries in Vermont and Craig is a teacher at Hunt Middle School. 

As an artist, Amanda approaches life visually and describes her vision of the Intervale Center as a strong tree growing from a central point with branches that reach out in many different directions.  As a donor Amanda says that it “feels good to water that tree.”  The branches Amanda visualizes symbolize the vast reach of the Intervale Center throughout the Burlington community and the state.  Amanda believes that people would be surprised to learn the variety of programs run by the IC from watershed restoration throughout the state to the Gleaning & Food Rescue Program that provides fresh, delicious produce to food insecure families. 

While the beauty and the resources of the Intervale are the foundation for Amanda and Craig’s initial philanthropic giving, it is the guiding question of “What do we want our lives and communities to be like?” that fuels their ongoing investment in the IC.  Amanda believes that now more than ever the Intervale Center is key to maintaining and improving our quality of life in Vermont and beyond.


Abby Portman