Ring in the Summer with Summervale & Chaque Fois!


By Kally Sample, Music Intern

It’s that time again!  The sun is beaming down, the construction signs are up, and people have come out of hibernation into the warm air.  As lovely summer arrives, so does another great Summervale season.

Every year, we welcome back Summervale to celebrate great music and local food & farms.  It’s a way that we can bring the community together all the while acknowledging eating local, livin’ local, and exploring the importance of good food.  Our vendors understand these values and make some delicious grub!  The Slow Food Vermont tastings promote good, clean, and fair food systems, and showcase some delicious produce and food products. Summervale’s lineup this year is filled with various music genres and styles.  Live music has always been a staple of Summervale and we are so excited to have such a great crew of artists this year!


We are thrilled to welcome the first artists in our lineup, Cajun band Chaque Fois, this Thursday at Summervale.  “Chaque Fois” translates to “every time”, chosen for the unique and lively energy the band creates when they perform.  The Cajun style music that this group plays  comes from southwest Louisiana.  Their style is deemed festive, and just makes you want to dance.    The band is led by Katie Trautz on vocals and fiddle,  and Alec Ellsworth on vocals, fiddle, and accordian.  With them are Chris Hollis on guitar and triangle and Helen Doyle on bass.  Come join us to kick off Summervale!      

Abby Portman