Swinging Toward the Finish Line!


We are swinging toward the finish line!

With a magnificent silo swing this week, we launched the final phase of our capital campaign to invest $1 million into the buildings and trails of the Intervale Center. We’re in the home stretch, having already raised $965,000 of $1 million, which leaves $35,000 left to go! We’ve got some special events planned in February and March to help us cross the finish line, and we also will need your help. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved. In the meantime, here are some helpful hinting haiku to keep you guessing…

Cozy and yummy
Hygge in the Intervale – what?!
That sounds really cool

Wintervale - what fun!
Bring your dog and reverse how
things usually run

Skiing the groomed trails
Look for easy ways to give –
Right from your cell phone!

Abby Portman