A Summervale Season to Remember

Chris Jordan, Brian Miller, Stephanie Heaghney, Mike Dondero, and Jake Mayers of Smooth Antics

Joe Adler has made a Summervale music line-up that is one for the books.  Artists from all over New England have come to perform at the Intervale Center this summer and have loved the unique Summervale experience.  The next three and final Summervale events will be some of the most memorable with performances from local music legend, Ray Vega, as well as local band, Smooth Antics.

Ray Vega is possibly one of the most well-known jazz and Latin artist in the area..  By learning from music icons like trumpeters Sydney Baker, Henry Nowak and Mike Lawrence and growing up South Bronx, where jazz and salsa were booming at the time of his youth, Vega created his own type of contemporary jazz. Vega is also known as in innovator. Throughout his career, Ray Vega performed and recorded in over ten bands including Mongo Santamaria and won two Grammy’s with this group.  He has also collaborated with musicians like Joe Henderson, Lionel and Mel Torme.  While being a part of famous musician Tito Puente’s Orchestra, he performed the Grammy Award-winning, “Mambo Birdland”, Dancemania ‘99” and “Obra Maestra”.

In an interview with Vermont PBS, Ray Vega mentions that with every musician, it’s important to know the history of music.  “The most important lesson is that this music we play has a great history.  If you don’t look back, you’ll never know where you’re coming from,” adds Vega. Don’t miss Ray Vega and the Tales from the Boogie Down at Summervale on Thursday, August 20!

After a small hiatus of traveling the world and graduating from the University of Vermont, the young and vibrant Smooth Antics will be performing at Summervale on Thursday, August 27.  Leading with vocals is Stephanie Heaghney.  Behind her on the guitar and bass is Chris Jordan and Mike Dondero, followed by percussionist, Jake Mayers, keyboardist, Derek Rice, and playing saxophone and trumpet are Brian Miller and Nicco Osbourne.

Each artist in Smooth Antics brings a different talent and background to the table. Stephanie Heaghney has a soulful voice that adds a unique sound to the group.  “She’s not just a vocalist, she’s another instrument to the band,” Jake Mayers mentions in an interview with Thread Magazine.

The band took time off after their spring tour to travel and relax before graduating from college.  It only took a few months for Smooth Antics to find their way back together. “The only times we got together recently was in Boston and for Precipice,” Mayers adds, “We didn’t even practice before and the shows were great.  The chemistry we have is unreal.”

The members of Smooth Antics also love everything about the Intervale Center.  “Summervale is definitely a staple in Vermont,” says Jake Mayers, “We love promoting anything that’s local. Smooth Antics is also performing at Otis Mountain Get Down this fall, where we performed for the first time as a band,” states Mayers, who is very excited to reunite where it all began.

Both Ray Vega and Smooth Anticsdon’t fit into any genre, which is what makes them so unique.  Not one performance is the same experience for the audience.  “Each show is a different experience,” says Chris Jordan in an interview with Thread Magazine.  “We’re not the type of band to just play our hits.”  Mayers also mentions the importance of “the pocket.”  “The pocket is that space in the music where everything falls into line,” he adds.  “When we’re playing, we manage to pick up on each other and it’s magical.”

The one and only Joe Adler and his band, Burgundy Thursday, will perform the final Summervale on September 3. The last three weeks of this summer will surely be ones to remember!

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