7/14 Summervale: Becker, Ullman, Markley and Freeberg


By Brenna Lewis-Slammon, Summervale Music Intern

For our second week of Summervale, we will be graced with the rising Burlington musical sensation Becker, Ullman, Markley and Freeberg, more playfully referred to as BUMF. Say it aloud: “BUMF”. The noise that the name creates speaks volumes about the band’s sound. It is full, funky, whimsical, educated, explorative, smooth, satisfying, and free form. It is a sound within which you can identify separate, familiar parts, but that as a whole produces something new and intriguing. Beyond its playful surface, the band’s name, as it is each group member’s familial title, speaks to their earnest dedication and respect for music and musicianship.

Each of the members in distinct and varied ways has gained a musical education right here in Vermont. In this their sound is informed by a creativity for creativity’s sake essential to the Green Mountain State. Throughout their repertoire, the band nods subtle homages with funkified, re-mastered covers here and there, but overall produces originals. After listening a bit, it is only natural to want more.

    In their song “Red Line” alone, they span a whirlwind of musical tropes, manipulating them to emulate their distinct sound. The intro on the keys plays like the musical love child of The Vince Guaraldi Trio and Duke Ellington. This intro sweeps into a heavy funk riff before it takes an almost cinematic interlude. It is here that it becomes evident that an unarticulated passion for passion, music, life, and love drive the band’s sound. All is encompassed in the music. Come to listen. Allow their movement to move you. Indulge in BUMF.

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