30th Anniversary Impact Report



At the Intervale Center, we believe that good food can change the world. For thirty years, we have harnessed the power of good food – food that nourishes us, enhances our working landscape and contributes to Vermont’s economic development. We are working to set in motion new strategies, business ideas and partnerships that are restorative of human and natural communities, community scale and replicable. Today, we are a thriving nonprofit that works across the state and shares around the world in support of our collective progress toward a healthier planet.

But we can’t do it alone. As with any ecological system, the sum of the whole is so much greater than that of its parts. Indeed, our collective impact only happens when we partner with you.

You have helped create the vibrant, thriving hub of food, farming, conservation and community that the Intervale Center has become, a model whose impact reaches across Vermont’s working landscape and inspires others across the globe. Thank you!

In our 30th Anniversary Impact Report, we’ve highlighted just a handful of the thousands of supporters who, like you, have given in some way to the Intervale Center over the past thirty years. I think you will see yourself in the faces and words of these incredible people and organizations whose vision, purpose and dedication have made the world a better place. You inspire us, every day, to continue our community food revolution. Imagine what we can all accomplish together over the next 30 years!






Travis Marcotte
Executive Director

Abby Portman