Vermont Land Link

Vermont Land Link is a farm property clearinghouse intended to connect farmers seeking land in Vermont with farmland owners looking to sell, lease or create another type of tenure arrangement.

The website was created to help farm seekers and Vermont farm property holders find each other. For many new and established farmers, simply finding available land is a huge challenge. On the other side of the equation, more and more private, public and organizational landowners want to make land available for farming. They want farmers to find them.

Vermont Land Link makes it easy for farm properties to be posted, and for farm seekers to search through them. The site’s format is similar to “for sale by owner” sites or classified listings. It is free, simple, state-wide, automated and constantly current, serving as a friendly portal for property holders and farmland seekers.

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The Farm Between - Photo credit: Jessica Sipe

The Farm Between - Photo credit: Jessica Sipe