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Farming is a tough business. Farmers are small business owners who must develop a wide range of skills, from financial management and human resources, to production and marketing, in order to thrive. For farming to continue to contribute to Vermont’s economic development and land stewardship, farmers must have the planning, decision-making and management skills they need to grow their businesses and effectively manage the working landscape.

The Intervale Center works to enhance the viability of farming in Vermont.  We provide Vermont’s farmers – from aspiring farmers to established business owners – with business development opportunities. If you are a farmer in Vermont interested in accessing business assistance from the Intervale Center, there are a number of ways in which you can work with us, including:

Interested in receiving business planning or coaching services? The first step is to fill out our enrollment form.

Want more information about these programs? Contact Success on Farms at  or call 802-660-0440 ext 116

People in Vermont are invested in the environment and in helping new farmers grow. Maggie has given us a sense of calmness and reassurance that we can really be successful. The Intervale Center’s got our back!
— Melissa Kosmaczewski, Clearfield Farm