Noelle MacKay, Director of Community & Economic Development Office, City of Burlington

Noelle currently works for the City of Burlington as the Director of the Community and Economic Development Office. She works to encourage fair and equitable development, as well as moving major projects forward for the City. Before CEDO, she served over five years as the Commissioner of Housing and Community Development for the State of Vermont under Governor Shumlin. During her time with the Department, she led community and economic development recovery efforts after Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont; collaborated with policy and funding partners to increase program impact; and directed efforts to update the state’s smart growth designation programs and land use regulations. Prior to her appointment Noelle served as Executive Director of Smart Growth Vermont from 2005 through 2010, where she worked with participants from across the spectrum to understand the factors that are changing our state, and to develop creative land use and development policies that protect Vermont’s distinctive brand - compact villages surrounded by working lands. Noelle is passionate about land use and believes that how we protect, steward and develop our land impacts all facets of our lives. She is excited to join the Intervale Center and support the amazing work of the staff and all those involved in Vermont’s local food system.