Beginning Farmer Business Planning and Coaching

Our Beginning Farmer Program offers information, assistance, and encouragement to beginning and aspiring farmers in the state of Vermont through one-on-one coaching and business planning. Coaching sessions last from one to two hours; at the end, you’ll come away with a learning plan that includes prioritized learning areas, objectives, and steps to reach those objectives.

Business planning services are available to beginning farmers who are interested in in-depth work related to your farm business. Our work involves identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and creating a vision, financial analysis, enterprise budgeting, cash flow planning, and developing full business plans.

Consulting services are available for specific topics related to farmland access such as evaluating your readiness to secure land, property assessments, financial planning, and alternative land tenure agreements.

Business planning requires participants to commit time to meetings, homework, and program assessment. It usually involves up to 40 hours of work with an Intervale Center staff member over three to six months.

Want more information about this program? Contact Success on Farms at or call 802 660 0440 ext 116.

Ben Butterfield from Besteyfield Farm. Photo credit: Jessica Sipe
Ben Butterfield from Besteyfield Farm. Photo credit: Jessica Sipe
When we started working with the Intervale Center (IC), we had only rudimentary accounting systems and an ambiguous direction for the future. Working with the IC helped us clarify our vision for the future of our business and begin making strategic, well-informed decisions which are getting us closer to this vision.

Most of all, we have a business coach who is warm, supportive, knowledgeable and who really cares about the well-being of both our business and ourselves as business owner/operators.
— Aaron Guman, Co-owner, Walking Onion LLC