Thomas G. Walsh, Judge Chair

Thomas G. Walsh of Charlotte was appointed by Governor Shumlin to be a Vermont Superior Court trial judge in November 2011. He is presently assigned to the Environmental Division having statewide jurisdiction to hear appeals from state land use permit decisions (Act 250), state environmental permits and other decisions of the Agency of Natural Resources, municipal land use zoning and planning decisions, and municipal and state enforcement actions. The IC’s attention to local foods, community and sustainability is a refreshing focus for Judge Walsh. When asked how the IC excites him, he notes: “I have always had a connection to our physical environment which started as a kid growing up in rural upstate New York. We lived on what I call a “pleasure farm.” We didn’t earn money farming, however, we were a long way toward self-sufficiency. We had horses, beef cows, sheep, a pig or two, chickens, dogs and cats. We hayed the fields and always had large vegetable and berry gardens. Growing up this way kept me outside playing and working. I was constantly observing how humans and animals interacted and affected our environment. The IC’s strong interest in land, its uses and the impacts with a focus on sustainable use and stewardship of agricultural lands is a passion that I share.”